Tips for flower shop lighting design, help you attract customers’ attention


In the flower shop decoration layout, scientific and reasonable flower shop lighting design can not only decorate the appearance of the flower shop, attract customers’ attention, but also enable customers to view flowers in a visually comfortable environment, forming a good impression of the flower shop’s shopping environment. Stimulate consumption. So how can we design a good flower shop lighting?

Flower shop lighting design can be roughly divided into two types: external lighting design and internal lighting design.

External lighting design

Neon lights

Neon lights are an important part of the appearance of the flower shop. They are mainly used to supplement the display of the flower shop’s signs, as well as publicity and beautification, which can not only decorate the appearance of the flower shop, but also attract customers. Neon light is a light source design based on distant views. The choice of color should generally be a single color and strong stimulating red, green, white, etc., highlighting the requirements of simplicity, bright and eye-catching, large fonts, and simple patterns. . Accompanied by dynamic structure of fonts and patterns, you will receive better results.

Window lights

Window lights belong to exterior lighting. Window lights are light sources for close viewing, so strong light should not be used in general, and the contrast between light colors should not be too large. The movement, change, and flicker of the light should not be too fast or too intense, otherwise it will dazzle customers and cause uncomfortable feel.

There are five forms of window lights:

Basic lighting

It is to ensure the basic lighting in the window. The installation does not require a bracket, and directly fix the lighting devices of different shapes in the proper position and cannot be moved. The basic lighting must ensure that the brightness of the entire window is uniform, and the top light, side light and bottom light are divided from the light position.


It is a lighting method that uses strong light to set off flower varieties. To make all the flowers displayed in the window bright, flat light distribution should be used, and to make the focus of the window brighter, spotlighting should be used. Spot lighting generally uses LED spotlights, etc., to shoot a bunch of lights to the required position to highlight the focus of the display. Spotlighting should mainly use cold light LED lights instead of hot lights.

Enhanced lighting

It is a lighting method that sets off flowers through the effect of light. When using decorative lighting appliances, the design should be in harmony with the products displayed in the window. In addition, the window lighting is based on the principle of highlighting one category and one series of products.

Special lighting

It is to meet the special needs of window display products and adopt more effective expression methods to make the display products of the special lighting part more eye-catching. For example, light from below illuminates the foot light of a product, which can express the feeling of lightly floating. Use soft light to contain the wall support board lighting method, the light source should generally be installed in an invisible position.

Atmosphere lighting

Through the atmosphere lighting design, dark shadows can be eliminated, and different effects can be created in special display flowers. In the window lighting, color filters can also be used to create light sources of various colors to form a dramatic effect.

Internal lighting design

Natural lighting

The basic lighting in the flower shop uses natural light, which can reduce costs, while keeping the original color of flowers under natural light, avoiding the influence of light on the color of flowers. At the same time, people’s admiration for natural light has begun to surpass that of artificial light sources. Therefore, Where conditions permit, natural light should be the main focus.

Lighting source

The lighting source is the basic lighting source in the flower shop, which plays the role of maintaining the basic brightness of the entire flower shop. It is generally installed on the roof ceiling or wall with monochromatic white fluorescent lamps. The installation of the lighting source should pay attention to the overall brightness. If the overall brightness is insufficient, it is easy to make people feel dull and depressed, and it is difficult to form an active shopping atmosphere.

Flower shop lighting design can also use external decorative lights, which mainly play the role of rendering and highlighting the atmosphere. The use of external lighting should also be consistent with the operating characteristics of the flower shop, in order to give customers a harmonious aesthetic. It’s best to set up a mirror in a dark or weak place in the flower shop. The advantage of this is that the mirror can reflect the light and make the flowers more eye-catching. Some flower shops use mirrors to decorate the entire wall, which can also give people a kind of space. The feeling of enlargement.


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