3 tips for country villas lighting design


The garden dwellings built in the village for recuperation are used to enjoy life. The night view of a country villa can give people a feeling of grandeur, magnificence, warmth and comfort, and can better create a beautiful living environment. However, if the lighting is not designed and used, and professional and standardized construction is carried out, it may be counterproductive. Therefore, There are several matters needing special attention when lighting a country house:

First, Green shall prevail

The lighting project of country villas should be flashy and not extravagant. It should be people-oriented and green lighting as the mainstay. Try to use high-efficiency, energy-saving, low-carbon and environmentally friendly lighting equipment, limit unnecessary pure decorative lighting, and avoid useless and fancy rural image lighting The project should create a rural villa with a comfortable light environment.

Second, Fit the feeling

We should consider people’s visual, physical and psychological lighting experience to create the outdoor light environment of country villas. Don’t think that the more lights, the brighter and more eye-catching, it is a misunderstanding of the atmosphere. Villa lighting design and installation should not blindly pursue more lights, “the brighter the better”, and even place the lights under the window sill or other places that should not be installed. The ideal lighting of a country house is through the charm of light and shadow, giving people a comfortable, relaxing, warm and cozy light, which can better reflect the cultural and artistic connotation and heritage of the country.

Third, Color control

The rural environment is changing, just like spring, summer, autumn and winter in the four seasons. When the designer embarks on lighting design, he must consider the changes in seasons, time periods, and weather, and design with a homely feel. The reasonable use of warm light and cold light can better set off the characteristics and importance of the countryside.

As a private residence, under normal circumstances, we do not advocate too many colors, especially the design of many dynamic and colorful effects. We use more high-quality warm-color lamps to achieve clear levels and focus, so as to create a perfect harmony. Night scene atmosphere


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