How to design garden landscape lighting? 5 Tips

Lighting design is a further extension of artificial light based on function and aesthetics. It carries the perception and imagination of brightness, clarity and beauty, and conveys the designer’s tactile sense of life. In order to meet people’s demand for garden landscape night scenes, designers began to have higher requirements for the lighting design of garden landscapes, and began to pursue the integration of light, shadow and landscape, in order to give visitors a different visual experience. So, how to do a good job in garden landscape lighting design?

First, clarify the theme of garden landscape lighting

Clear “theme” is the top priority of the garden landscape. Before doing any landscape lighting, from the perspective of lighting planning, determine what theme you want to do, and then follow the design to express parks and gardens.

Different themed areas create different scenes through different scene lighting. Because of the different scenes, the lighting must match the scene to complete a visual atmosphere of the theme area, which must conform to the theme.

Second, create a unique night environment for the garden landscape

As a garden night landscape lighting, the lighting design needs to be ornamental and decorative, and it needs to decorate the unique style of the night on the basis of not changing the basic image of the garden landscape.

For example, the use of good lighting shows, water shows, projection shows, etc., combined with hanging lights wrapped around trees, floor lights forming the shape of flowers and plants, etc., can all become the characteristics of a garden.

Third, pay attention to the interaction between lights and people

Garden night landscape lighting design is not only simple to illuminate. Due to the large flow of people, the lighting design must first ensure safety, and secondly pay attention to the creation of atmosphere, creating an immersive light and shadow experience. Through clever lighting design, viewers have more More interactive experience.

The immersive lighting atmosphere helps visitors better integrate into the environment, and can better enhance the interaction between the scene and people. The clever use of lighting can make this interactive experience easier for people to fall into.

Fourth, ecological natural beauty

By combining with garden buildings, plants, and visitors, the visitors are integrated into the atmosphere of the entire garden, making people love the light and shadow vision in the garden landscape, thereby creating a harmonious environment between man and nature.

The most important thing is that visitors can enjoy a variety of visual feasts without losing the garden atmosphere of nature. It gives visitors a feeling of being in nature instead of coming to the science and technology museum, a feeling of returning to the basics, which can make visitors truly relaxed and comfortable.

Integrate nature and lighting in a harmonious and unified way. While feeling the natural atmosphere, they can also feel the visual feast brought by the lighting. The lighting can not only modify the environment, but also give visitors a unified yet The magical feeling of change again.


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