Shanghai Hotel adopted a full range of LED environmentally friendly lighting solutions


The Shanghai Hotel is located in the business and leisure circle of Nanjing East Road, the most prosperous Bund in Shanghai. It is adjacent to the first street of China-Nanjing East Road Pedestrian Street. It is only one step away from Century Plaza and adjacent to People’s Square. The location is superior and the transportation is very convenient.

In the second half of 2015, Shanghai Hotel adopted a full range of LED energy-saving and environmentally friendly lighting solutions. Many LED lighting equipment began to enter the hotel, replacing traditional halogen lamps with high energy consumption.

The biggest highlight of the hotel is the oval-shaped grand banquet hall suspended in the center of the building, which is a perfect combination of modern and classic. More than 400 square meters of spacious prologue space, coupled with a variety of different specifications and design styles of banquet halls. The LED AR111 16W reflector lamp is generally used, the smooth lamp body design, and the efficient heat dissipation technology are added to effectively extend the life of the lighting products. The banquet hall rendered with a 24° beam angle and 100-10% linear dimming with warm light effects is an excellent choice for various business meetings and theme banquets.

Entering from the main entrance of the lobby, full of flowing water greeted the eyes, LED MR16 7.5W reflector lights reflected on the water wave, the water surface was golden. The 2800K warm yellow light effect instantly softens the originally cold water surface. The 8 coconut trees in the center of the lobby are decorated with the stars of LED AR111 11W reflectors, which are full of vitality and fully integrated into the atmosphere. Part of the corridor area lighting also uses 11W reflector lights for lighting, which is equipped with efficient heat dissipation technology, and the average life span is up to 35,000 hours.

At the same time, LED MR16 8W reflector lights are widely used in cafes, lounges and other leisure areas. With 24° beam angle, 100-10% linear dimming, and 2800K warm yellow light, you can enjoy the romance of Shanghai. The sentiment, accompanied by flowing music, is an ideal place for business meetings and family and friends rest. Some corridor areas also use 8W reflector lights to soothe the atmosphere.

The restaurant provides classic and pure French cuisine, a luxurious high-end French restaurant. In addition to the a la carte restaurant, there are also separable VIP rooms. The LED MR16 7.5W reflector is commonly used, with a warm light effect of 2800K, and a perfect beam angle of 35°.

The hotel has luxurious guest/suite rooms, large space, and elegant design. Coupled with the warm yellow light effect of the LED MR16 8W reflector lamp, 35° beam angle, 100-10% linear dimming, it creates a unique atmosphere that allows you to enjoy comfort, luxury and warmth. The 36° light and shadow projected by the LED MR11 4W reflector lamp is applied to the light trough before entering the room, which plays a positive role in guiding passengers. The lamp has the advantages of small lamp body and high luminous flux. 

The whole building is combined with the urban space in a transparent way, which is a perfect combination of modernity and classic, leisure and romance. The intoxicating movement and soft lighting will make you stay away from the hustle and bustle of the world and create a comfortable and exclusive experience.


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