Holiday Inn Express chooses LED products to achieve green, environmental protection


Holiday Inn Express is part of the InterContinental Hotels Group. The simple and warm hotel is a smart choice for travelers to rest, relax and do some work. Holiday Inn Express pays attention to the comfort of the hotel, with free high-speed Internet access, free breakfast, high-quality bedding…to give travelers a perfect “sensory experience”.

For the interior design of the hotel, the lighting effect is an important part, which fully brings out the warm, comfortable, stylish and simple environment of the hotel. While achieving the expected light efficiency, maximizing energy efficiency is what the hotel management expects.

After the hotel management conducted a rigorous comparison test on samples of multiple lighting brands, the LED energy-saving and environmentally friendly lighting solution was finally selected. LED series products, LED AR111 and LED MR16 reflector lamps, LED strips, etc. are used in the plan, which not only have excellent lighting effects, but also meet the hotel management’s requirements for hotel energy-efficient lighting products.

LED 7.5W MR16 reflector lights are widely used in hotel halls, restaurants, guest rooms, and aisles. This product has two beam angles of 24° and 36°, and the light intensity can reach 2900cd, which can achieve high level of brightness with minimal energy consumption. The super long life of 25,000 hours will also save the hotel a lot of maintenance costs for lighting equipment in the future.

LED 5W light strips are also widely used in various areas. The warm yellow light effect makes marble and black frame glass windows no longer “cold”. 100% to 10% linear dimming can create different light effect scenes according to the needs of the hotel’s functional period and atmosphere.

You can see a square frosted wall lamp at the head of each room. With 6.5W power and 285° beam angle, the appearance is simple and stylish. When you want to enjoy a quiet time alone, you might as well leave it alone.

The elevator hall uses 3000K LED 5W light strips to create a warm and quiet atmosphere. At the same time, the top of the ceiling is also equipped with a 24° angle LED AR111 so that the entire space can have clear guidance and prompt effects while maintaining the overall atmosphere. This product combines the patented “efficient heat conduction” technology and smooth curve design. The heat generated is low. It has a long life of 40,000 hours.

The LED lighting program pursues environmental protection and high quality, which coincides with the purpose of the hotel. It is the icing on the cake for the perfect space and becomes its best partner for implementing green, environmental protection and energy saving measures.


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