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How to use magnetic lamp for lighting design without main lamp?

The magnetic lamp is to absorb the lamp assembly on the track by magnet adsorption. Under the condition of ensuring reliable power supply, it is more convenient and flexible to install and disassemble the lamp assembly, which is convenient for daily maintenance and maintenance.

Magnetic lamps are widely used in hotels, clubs, exhibition halls, shops, homes and other scenes such as ceilings and walls. The track types are embedded, surface-mounted, and hoisting (length can be customized). There are three types of matching lamps. Light source, grille spotlight, polarized wall washer, spotlight, dining chandeliers, etc.

The magnetic lamp has powerful functions, covering the lighting needs of different points, lines and surfaces in various application places; through a variety of product combinations, the magnetic lamp can flexibly configure the lighting application according to the lighting needs of the place. With the emergence of magnetic lamps, different lighting effects can be assembled freely, and they can also be focused on ambient lighting and key lighting. Because of the magnetic function, they can be quickly installed and replaced, which makes lighting design more convenient.

The lighting design without the main lamp advocates flexible lighting design, rather than the main lamp to provide general lighting. The lighting design requirements without the main light can not only guarantee a wide range of applicable illuminance, but also focus on the key lighting of the required area and objects. The characteristics of magnetic lamp are perfect for lighting design without main lamp.

The track of the magnetic lamp adopts the pre-embedded form. The later lighting module does not need tools to install, and the magnetic structure is embedded. When the indoor furniture and soft fittings are changed, the light module can be moved and replaced at any time, which is very convenient. The second lighting design creation achieves the best lighting effect and the operation is simple and convenient. Therefore, the magnetic lamp can well meet the designer’s lighting design requirements in different scenarios.

The installation of magnetic lamp is more complicated, and it needs to be involved in the early stage of lighting design without main lamp. Therefore, if the owner wants to adopt a lighting design scheme without a main lamp, and at the same time want to use a magnetic lamp to reflect the scheme, he must make preparations early.

Step 1: Early-stage ceiling

The difference between the magnetic lamp and other lamps is that it is composed of two parts, the lighting lamp and the magnetic track, so the first thing to do before installing the magnetic lamp is to install the magnetic track in the early ceiling. When the ceiling is suspended, the installation scope and size should be planned, and the track groove of the magnetic lamp should be reserved in advance to avoid unnecessary losses.

Step 2: Track light slot

The track light trough not only maintains the original integrity of the suspended ceiling, but also increases the authentic texture of the decorative surface. It is loved by people because of its concealment. Reserve the corresponding size through the preliminary ceiling, and then buy it according to the size.

Step 3: Installation of Magnetic Track Light

The first thing is to confirm the position and size of the opening of the ceiling, select the corresponding lamps and accessories, and then make the opening according to the corresponding size, reserve the drive line and the embedded magnetic track. Then take out the back end cover, put in the corresponding accessories to connect the two ends, fix the accessories of the back connection and the side connection, if there is a corner, connect the corner connector. Finally, connect the power interface and install the corresponding fixing screws. It should be noted that the magnetic track is different from the normal track. A transformer is required to convert 220V alternating current into 24V and 48V of the magnetic track to prevent the risk of electric shock. Therefore, a special transformer for magnetic track lights must be equipped when installing. .

The fourth step: debugging effect

If the whole is mainly magnetic light, simple geometric lines are used to outline different patterns, and the light forms a contrast, giving an elegant and fashionable look. Then it is necessary to repeatedly adjust the lighting until satisfactory results are achieved.


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