LED lights helped Dutch luxury private residences save thousands of pounds


LED lights are highly regarded by commercial users. With their excellent energy-saving benefits, they have helped Dutch luxury private residences save thousands of pounds in electricity bills.

The Soestduinen Manor in the Netherlands uses the latest LED energy-saving technology, which took two years to build and strive to create a green house. LED bulbs are used throughout the house and it is known as the “green manor.” The average life of LED bulbs is at least 30,000 hours (equivalent to 10 years), which can save more than 150,000 Euros in electricity bills and reduce 240,000 kg of carbon dioxide.

Lvyin Villa uses a variety of LED reflector lights. Compared with traditional quartz lamps, LED reflector lamps have outstanding lighting effects, with the advantages of high efficiency and energy saving, good color rendering, and low heat dissipation.

In order to give full play to the energy-saving characteristics of LED lighting products, Lvyin Villa also adopts an integrated lighting joint control solution. In addition, the KNX/EIB system is also used in the house, and a durable, efficient and sensitive lighting electronic control system is designed according to global industry standards. The KNX/EIB system is equipped with a variety of lighting solutions to facilitate the installers to make full use of home resources and realize the visual management of energy consumption.

The KNX system has a default scene on each touch screen and display. The system is also equipped with functions such as daylight control, dynamic control, carbon dioxide emission monitoring, and external temperature monitoring. The house can automatically adjust the lighting of the main area in response to natural lighting. effect. After adopting the integrated lighting system, Lvyin Villa will give full play to energy-saving benefits regardless of day and night.

The owner hopes to create an energy-efficient, stylish and comfortable home environment through this lighting project. Thanks to the latest lighting technology, the owner’s dream has finally come true. He concluded: “The use of advanced LED and energy-saving lamp technology is not only efficient and energy-saving, but also outstanding in appearance and durable. It is the best choice for environmental protection and energy saving for home decoration.”

The lighting products used in Lvyin Villa are:

(1) The wine cellar uses 15W LED AR111 reflector lights with low heat dissipation and outstanding lighting effects

(2) 5W LED PAR16 and 7W reflector lamps are used for the accent lighting of artworks and Delft porcelain collections. Its low amount of ultraviolet light can effectively protect works of art.

(3) Table lamps, standard lamps and chandeliers adopt a variety of dimmable and non-dimmable lamps. In addition, a dimmable T2 integrated straight tube is specially used to create a full range of indirect lighting effects.

(4) Ultra-slim LED energy-saving lamps are used in the bedroom and study


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