Lighting interprets the LEGO brand’s requirements for space, design and color


Lego is a company that has the courage to make breakthroughs and loves to innovate. What are the lighting requirements for flagship stores? Lego has two flagship stores in Shanghai, which are located in Disney Town in Disneyland and World Trade Plaza in Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street. In the Lego World Trade Plaza flagship store, it provided it with the SLE G6 COB module Fashion series, equipped with a 35W ADV series drive kit.

Lego focuses on innovation. Lighting must better express Lego’s brand concept. How should lighting products interpret the Lego brand’s requirements for space, design and color reproduction?

Use lighting to highlight brand characteristics

The design concept of the Lego flagship store is simple and transparent. The exterior wall of the store is not masonry, but a large-area glass facade. Because the glass is transparent, sunlight can bring light to the store during the day and make the store look It is very transparent, and turning on the lights at night can make the shop appear bright and easily attract consumers to stop.

Yellow is the theme color of the Lego flagship store. The glass facade is used as the outer wall. The yellow color will be more eye-catching under the background of the light, thus enhancing the brand’s own recognition.

The design of the Lego flagship store requires simplicity from hard to soft. In addition to making the store look brighter, the simple design can also highlight the large models in the store. Those who have been to the Lego flagship store know that large models are placed in the Lego flagship store, and these models are not the same, but the elements of local characteristics are subtly integrated into them. The large model of the Lego flagship store in Shanghai is the Oriental Pearl Tower with Shanghai characteristics. For this large model of the Oriental Pearl Tower, to make it the most eye-catching part of the store, it is necessary to focus on the model.

Color reproduction

For children, brightly colored objects are the most attractive to them, and Lego blocks are all parts with strong colors. Therefore, not only children but also adults love Lego blocks. As Lego’s color performance is very rich, the lighting in the shop will have high requirements for color reproduction and color rendering. In order to better restore the color of the Lego brand, the Lego flagship store in Shanghai is provided with the sixth-generation SLE COB module with a color rendering index of 95 and R9>90.

Small body, big power

However, color rendering is not Lego’s only pursuit of lighting. Lego is a brand pursuing innovation, and has its own unique requirements for the interior design of the store. In order to cooperate with the designer and allow the designer to give full play to their creativity in the space, it provides a 35W ADV series drive for the lamps.

What is special about this driver? This driver is a mini model. The mini driver can match the size of the lamp, which is 30% smaller than the normal driver. In other words, a track light using a 35W ADV driver can save 30% of space. The mini drive of a small figure can create a larger design space for designers.

Excellent quality requirements

As a global brand, Lego’s flagship store has high requirements for product stability. LED products can provide 50,000 hours and a 5-year warranty after sales, which can save Lego a lot of manpower and material resources in the later maintenance phase.

Lego has always pursued innovation. Product stability and high quality are the prerequisites for flagship store lighting. At the same time, the lamps can give Lego brand new design and creative space.

For a store, high color rendering, strong flexibility, and good stability meet the needs of store lighting. For Lego, in addition to meeting the lighting needs of the store, it can also enhance the brand characteristics of Lego.


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