De Vierbannen Brasserie restaurant‘s lighting enhances the dining experience for guests


De Vierbannen Brasserie is located at the westernmost point of Zealand in the Netherlands. It offers 360° magnificent sea views, a combination of sustainable energy design and beautiful restaurant scenery. In order to enjoy the natural landscape, De Vierbannen Brasserie also installed floor-to-ceiling glass windows. For restaurant lighting designers, this design can be described as both opportunities and challenges. Designers need to use the most energy-efficient lighting skills to set the atmosphere and reduce the glare of floor-to-ceiling glass.

The LED AR111 reflector lamp adopts a unique geometric axial LED lamp design, combined with “efficient heat conduction” technology to create a precise and concentrated angle beam, and the lighting efficiency, heat dissipation performance and lumen maintenance rate are all outstanding. This lamp is used in bars, restaurants and meeting rooms on the upper and lower floors. The service life is 13 times that of quartz lamps, but the power consumption is reduced by 80%.

The beer bar is designed with an elliptical lighting fixture, using a total of 216 LED 10W 2800K 45° G53 dimmable AR111 reflector lights. The service life is as long as 40,000 hours. With an advanced dimmable controller, the brightness can be adjusted to 1% to ensure accurate lighting effects.

The owner of the restaurant is very satisfied with the LED lighting products. In addition to the multifunctional lighting effect, the light source has low heat dissipation, which enhances the dining experience for guests. Whether it is day or night lighting, it will not affect the diners’ viewing experience.

The beer restaurant adopts the latest LED light technology, which can save 6,160 euros in electricity bills and reduce 13,950 kg of carbon dioxide each year. In other words, it can save 89,300 euros (including the cost of light source replacement) and reduce 148,600 kg of carbon dioxide during the entire life cycle.


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