Lighting renovation of the basketball hall and table tennis hall


Before the transformation, the basketball hall used 800W/unit (the power is based on the rated power of the bulb and ignores the power of the rectifier) ​​as the lighting source, and the visual effect is very dim. According to actual measurement, the average ground illumination is only 123 lux, which is far less than the minimum illumination standard value of 300 lux (only for training and entertainment) stipulated by the national standard. In addition, due to the limitation of luminescent materials, the color temperature of the high-pressure sodium lamp is mostly 2500-3000K. In the case of insufficient illumination, the dimness becomes more obvious.

Through field surveys and precise illuminance simulation, we chose to use a 200W GHL series LED patio lamp to replace the basketball hall 1:1. After actual measurement, the average illuminance on the ground after the renovation has been increased to 575 lux, which meets the competition standard, which is 3.7 times the original illuminance, but the power consumption has dropped to 1/4.

According to the requirement of architectural lighting design standard [GB50034-2013] that the color temperature of basketball hall lamps is ≥4000K, we decided to choose 4000K. The planner said that the glare value of LED lamps above 200W is easily affected by the color temperature. 4000K is a warm white, taking into account the bright visual effect and low glare index, which is suitable for the color temperature of the basketball hall.

Eliminate ghosting

Ghost images (also known as ghost images) can easily cause misjudgments by athletes, thereby affecting their true level of performance. Eliminating ghosting is another embodiment of lampviews engineers’ handling of details. The matte milky white lampshade is used to make the light generated by the multi-light source LED lamp beads illuminate the dark areas of other light sources through irregular reflections, effectively eliminating ghost images.

Eliminate noise

The high-pressure sodium lamp emits light by gas discharge, and the gas oscillation inside the bulb and the ballast are prone to acoustic resonance, resulting in harsh noise. The unique light-emitting principle of LED lamps can completely eliminate noise, silently dedicate comfortable light to the athletes, and cheer for them in my heart.

The same problem exists with the basketball hall. Before the transformation, the table tennis hall used 250W/unit (the power is based on the rated power of the bulb and ignores the power of the rectifier) ​​high-pressure sodium lamps.

We selects 100W GHL series LED patio lights with 90° beam angle for 1:1 replacement. After actual measurement, the tabletop illuminance is 1325 lux, which reaches the professional competition standard above 1000 lux. Not only that, due to the proper selection of the beam angle of the lamps and reasonable lighting density, the uniformity of illumination after the transformation has also been unanimously affirmed by teachers and students.


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