How to Design Office Lighting

In the past few decades, the design of office buildings has taken comfort and energy efficiency as its main design goals. Now people are more concerned about their health. As an important part of contemporary architecture, office buildings have a large number of design practices and have become a practice base for humanized design and new technology applications.

Open office

design concept

Open office has a large area of ​​open space and often uses low partitions. This layout is usually used in open office spaces such as customer service centers and technical offices. Therefore, it is necessary to arrange as comprehensive and uniform lighting as possible on all surfaces in order to carry out visual tasks smoothly.

Design requirements

(1) Reasonably use natural light to meet people’s psychological needs for natural light, but pay attention to the decorative design of soft-light curtains, so that the light energy can be converted into a comfortable light source through secondary treatment;

(2) The ratio of the minimum desktop illuminance to the average illuminance value should not be less than 0.7, the illuminance of the working area should reach 500lux, the average illuminance of the non-working area should not be less than half of the working area, at least not less than 200lux, and the aisle illumination should not Less than 150lux;

Partitioned office

design concept

Partitioned offices are mostly departmental units, and small areas are concentrated to facilitate communication between group members. With the computerization of offices, staff not only have desk writing, but also a lot of work facing computer screens. In order to ensure office quality and improve work efficiency, office lighting must comprehensively consider environmental factors and arrange lights on demand.

Design requirements

(1) When writing on the desk, the illuminance of the working surface should be above 500lux;

(2) Lighting fixtures should be designed on both sides of the working area to reduce glare;

(3) If it is a glass compartment, the lighting should be parallel to the glass, and the corridor can use downlights or long strip lighting fixtures;

(4) The color temperature of the lamp is about 5000K.

Independent office

design concept

Free-standing offices can provide a quiet environment so that people can concentrate on working alone. The ease of communication between independent offices is not the primary consideration. This type of office usually includes a manager’s office, a special operation console, and a VIP room for face-to-face customer service.

Design requirements

(1) If the main task is reading and writing, lighting must first fully meet the needs of these activities. Can use flat light or downlight;

(2) If it is mainly for conversation tasks, the lighting needs to be soft, and the color temperature should be controlled at 2700K-4000K. The lighting methods are mainly hidden light bars or indirect lighting lamps;

(3) The office of the chairman of the board of directors usually conducts more conversation tasks, and the lighting needs to be installed in different areas. The function of writing and reading above the desk must meet the minimum requirement of 300lux. The lighting in the reception area needs to be soft, and the illuminance should be controlled at 200lux;

(4) The manager’s office often reflects the manager’s taste and personality. In the lighting of the manager’s room, if special lighting of the working surface is provided, the general lighting recommends the illuminance of 300-500lux. Special lighting methods should be added locally, such as adding desk lamps separately, or placing floor lamps in the conversation area. These are all to facilitate the multi-scene needs of the space.

meeting room

design concept

Activities in the conference room include lectures, sample demonstrations, multimedia presentations, and meetings where participants read, write, browse materials, and discuss. The basic lighting system must be designed to meet the recommended illuminance requirements, provide a comfortable environment for the participants, make people concentrate and be in a state of active thinking, and ensure that the meeting achieves good results.

Design requirements

(1) The main lighting area of ​​the conference room is above the conference table, and the desktop illumination should not be less than 500lux;

(2) Auxiliary lighting should be added around the conference table;

(3) The color temperature of the lamps should be controlled at about 5000K;

(4) At the same time, it has multifunctional meeting rooms such as lectures, demonstrations, video conferences, etc., and should also be equipped with intelligent control modes to switch scenes as needed.

Rest area/reception area

design concept

The first impression of reception rooms and lounges is very important. Lighting can help achieve the desired effect and improve the comfort of the office space. The light atmosphere is mainly soothing, and some places where products are displayed need to use lighting to focus on display.

Design requirements

(1) The guest seating area uses a higher level of lighting, generally above 500lux;

(2) Add accent lighting in the product display area to attract customers’ attention;

(3) Install downlights or indirect lighting in warm colors for use as a rest area;

(4) Set the scene required for multi-loop control switching.

Front desk

design concept

The work content of the front desk is mainly concentrated on reception and reading and writing. Although the corresponding lighting method needs to be formulated in accordance with the company’s overall positioning and decoration characteristics, generally speaking, the brightness of the area is very high, so as to highlight the corporate image and demonstrate the corporate strength Effect.

Design requirements

(1) The illumination on the desktop must be above 300lux;

(2) Lamps can be separately installed above the reception desk as decorative lighting;

(3) Install downlights for accent lighting on the background wall.


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