Simple style, Soul light -case study of high-end hotel lighting design


Taking the lighting design of the Courtyard by Marriott Huizhou as an example analysis, it uses a warm color light source with high saturation and color rendering, which demonstrates the hotel’s nobleness and luxury.

Entrance canopy lights

The orderly European-style decorative structure is fully demonstrated through indirect soft, hidden warm-color lighting. The multi-level light and shadow effect meets the functional and artistic lighting needs. The key lighting in the middle makes the space more distinct and provides guidance. Strolling in it makes people look forward to the experience of staying

Lobby bar lighting

Artistic crystal lamp, patchwork hidden lighting, and exquisite decoration, create a noble and elegant dining atmosphere for guests, and in the dining area of ​​the deck, avoid ceiling installation lamps to destroy the overall decoration effect, and use exquisite table lamps to provide the desktop focus Lighting not only satisfies the needs of functional lighting, but also divides privacy by lighting, and the high color rendering lights fully demonstrate the freshness and beauty of food.

Natatorium lighting

Entering the swimming pool, functional and decorative lamps and wavy ceilings are integrated, clever and full of rhythm. The diffused light can better control the glare, while avoiding the reflection and refraction of the water surface. In the high-quality light Against the background, the surface of the water is clean and clear. Here, physical and mental exhaustion can get the greatest relaxation

Luxury room lighting

The guest room is the core area of ​​the hotel. The comfort of the guest room not only depends on the high-standard decoration, but also the high-quality and comfortable light environment is the key to attracting guests. Using the same series of thin-edged design lamps, they are small and exquisite, deeply embedded in the ceiling, which can better control the direction of light, avoid glare, and give guests a gentle and comfortable lighting environment, allowing guests to experience the feeling of home.


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