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A classic case of lighting design without main light

Headless lamp design has become popular in recent years, capturing the hearts of many young fashionistas. In the non-main light design, linear light strips, track lights, downlights and spotlights are the main common methods.

Today, we shared a design case from a foreign design agency Z Design. It has 87 square meters of three bedrooms, modern and simple style, and the lighting design idea is very clear: the linear light strip goes around the ceiling and then goes around the skirting. Use track lights in the middle of the ceiling to provide functional lighting, and use spotlights to supplement the entrance and bathroom areas. The effect is very beautiful!

Floor plan

I can see that it is indeed 87 square meters, and there are two bathrooms, of course, the usable area.

Entrance and corridor

Entering the entrance, you can see the general idea of ​​lighting design. The linear light strip is embedded in a circle around the ceiling, and then walks around the skirting line. The middle of the ceiling is supplemented with spotlights to provide functional lighting.

Public area

The apartment type is relatively compact. The living room, dining room, and kitchen are gathered in the same area, and the design is open, continuing the lighting design idea of ​​the entrance area. The difference is that the ceiling of this area uses exposed track lights to illuminate separately In areas that need light. In addition, cement self-leveling floors, top-mounted projectors and projection screens are also favorite design elements of young fashionistas.

Bedroom one

The first bedroom adopts modern minimalist design techniques. Here, the lighting design techniques are continued. The floor is laid with original wood floors. The recently popular low bed design is chosen, which is also very beautiful.

Bedroom two

The lighting design of the second bedroom is also done in the same way, except that the bedside design is distinguished from the bedroom one. The wooden veneer is directly attached to the wall, and the bedside design is also provided by the track light on the top.

Bedroom three

The third bedroom is a study room, and there is no need to say more about the lighting design. Even the lighting above the desk is a track light, which is very simple.

Bathroom one

This is the bathroom on the right hand side of the entrance door. A small bathtub is placed. The more eye-catching is the orange-red wall, which forms a clear contrast with the white floor and sanitary ware. In terms of lighting design, in addition to the linear LED lights around, the suspended ceiling The design of spotlights is more applied.

Bathroom two

This is the second bathroom. It follows the minimalist design of other spaces, with a light gray tone. You can mainly look at the two long strips of floor drains in the shower area, parallel to the front and back sides of the shower area, which are beautiful and practical.

This set of 87 square meters of modern three-bedrooms can be said to be a classic case of lighting design without the main lamp. The idea is clear and simple, and the operation is strong. Friends with similar needs may wish to refer to it.


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