Beijing Liangma River Waterfront Night Scene


After more than a year of construction, Beijing has recently added a new landscape corridor with green water and dazzling night—the Liangma River International Style Waterfront. The landscape corridor with a total area of ​​800,000 square meters carries multiple functions such as culture, entertainment, and ecology. It brings residents and businesses along the line a beautiful scenery of green and water, and also adds popularity and vitality to the business district.

It is understood that this is the first trial of Chaoyang District in Beijing to carry out river governance in the form of “co-construction of government and enterprise”. Under the new model of “co-construction by government and enterprise”, the Liangma River Landscape Corridor has realized the seamless connection of “buildings-green space-waterfront”, and the northeastern part of Beijing is therefore more fashionable and international.

800,000 square meters of landscape corridor becomes “net celebrity”

The Liangma River’s international-style waterfront opened for just a few days and has become a check-in point for “net celebrities”. The interactive fountains, miniature children’s playgrounds, and landscape water curtains on the shore attracted many citizens to stop and take pictures. Citizens who love running also have a good place to go along the riverside trail from the Northeast Second Ring Road to the Fourth Ring Road. At night, the illuminated landscapes on both sides of the strait are lit up together, and the bright lights illuminate the river surface, and there is an endless stream of citizens coming to enjoy the heat.

According to reports, the Liangma River International Style Waterfront that was unveiled this time is a section above the Fourth Ring Road, starting at Xiangheyuan Road, passing through Sanlitun, Zuojiazhuang, Maizidian streets and Chaoyang Park, and ending at East Fourth Ring Road North. The waterfront is 5.57 kilometers long and has an area of ​​800,000 square meters, of which the water surface area is 160,000 square meters and the green area is 640,000 square meters.

The design plan shows that the international style waterfront covers a total of 800,000 square meters, and different landscape elements are added according to different business types on both sides of the strait. Therefore, the waterfront is divided into four different themes of life and leisure, international exchanges, commercial vitality, and natural ecology. There are many landscape nodes along the line such as Harmony Park, Inspur Plaza, and Community of Destiny Plaza.

“We mainly implemented a number of projects such as water conservancy and water ecology, landscape greening and night lighting construction, so that the two banks of the river form a seamless connection of’buildings-green spaces-water’.” said the relevant person in charge of Chaoyang District Water Affairs Bureau.

The plan makes full use of the domestic and foreign urban landscape river management experience, innovatively expands the composite functions of the river space, seamlessly connects with the surrounding commercial formats, creates a vibrant space for entertainment and leisure, and enhances the sense of acquisition of the masses; through the construction of colorful landscape scenes, comprehensive water surface and shore Three-dimensional space improves the multi-faceted experience of the masses; integrates scientific and technological wisdom elements, advances with the times, and creates a modern river system and intelligent perception system. Through comprehensive design, it fully demonstrates the achievements of reform and opening up in the new era and the new face of river governance, and builds the city’s “new landmark”, becoming the golden business card of the capital.

22 companies onshore and win-win

Relying on the government to manage the river alone will not only cost more, but will also bring insufficient benefits to the enterprise. When building the Liangma River’s international-style waterfront, Chaoyang District took the lead in piloting the “government-enterprise co-construction”, that is, the new model of “co-consultation, co-governance, co-construction, co-management, sharing, and win-win”.

There are 22 large social units along Liangma River, such as Lufthansa Shopping Center, Kunlun Hotel, Kempinski Hotel, Qihao Building, Chaoyang Park and other large commercial projects and urban public spaces. Because of this, the green space around the river is severely divided, the waterfront public space is broken, and the landscape is relatively simple.

“The river environment is closely related to the social units along the line. Therefore, when we are carrying out the landscape reconstruction and improvement of the Liangma River, we try to introduce social forces to participate in the joint construction of the water environment and mobilize the surrounding enterprises to build together.” Wang Chengzhi said, the water department and the territories The neighborhoods and villages cooperate closely, and have one-to-one contact with enterprises, mobilizing their funds to participate in the construction.

The concept of joint construction and sharing has won the support of all 22 companies and actively cooperated with the government to vacate the shoreline space. Take Blue Harbor as an example. The riverside open space was originally a parking lot, and the environment seemed a bit messy. After coordinating the parking demand, this space was converted into a water platform and a children’s playground, where customers can walk directly from the Blue Harbor to the river.

In this way, the company’s spatial vision on the side of Liangma River is opened, business and ecology are integrated, and the seamless connection of buildings, green spaces and waterfronts is realized.

Bright horse night scene will become a golden business card

A few days after the international-style waterfront was unveiled, the beautiful scenery of clear waters and green shores brought full fireworks to the commercial districts along the route. When you expand the map, you can clearly see that Liangma River strung many well-known business districts in the capital, such as Sanlitun, Yansha, Blue Harbor, and Lucky Street. There are many hotels and restaurants along the line. Nowadays, the river space has multiple functions such as culture, entertainment, and leisure. The seamless connection between water and commerce has further enhanced the vitality of the regional economy.

The waterfront is equipped with a lighting system. The colorful lights of the walkways, green shades, bridges, and hydrophilic platforms are all lit up. The buildings on both sides of the bank also turn on bright lights. The lights and the colors blend together, and a beautiful riverside night view corridor has become the “golden name card” of the city.

“In the past, we were’back to the river’, but now we are opening our arms and’embrace’ the Liangma River. The consumer experience brought to customers is definitely different.” A person in charge of Blue Harbor said, how open the waterfront is. In the days to come, seeing the passenger flow continues to increase. After dinner at Lankong, many citizens will choose to go for a walk on the shore.

The night is four times together, and the most exciting time of Liangmahe has just begun.


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