One of Britain’s oldest lighting factories may close soon.

Following the acquisition of Cooper Lighting Solutions by Signify, the electrical giant Eaton may withdraw from the mainline lighting market in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and may close the former Cooper, which covers an area of ​​approximately 50,000 square meters in Doncaster, UK. Cooper Lighting and Safety (Cooper Lighting and Safety), which was acquired in 2012.

The factory mainly designs and produces lamps used in commercial, retail, education and industrial fields, and has approximately 390 employees. About 300 jobs will be cancelled, and the remaining 90 will be transferred to the emergency lighting system, which will continue to work in a separate location.

The Doncaster site is one of the oldest lighting venues in the UK, initially producing Crompton brand lamps in 1878.

A staff member who returned to Doncaster after a three-month vacation called the announcement “the worst news.”

Eaton said in a statement: “After conducting a strategic review of the business, it is regrettable that Eaton announced to employees that it intends to withdraw from the EMEA trunk lighting business market in the Europe, Middle East, and Africa region, and will be in Doncaster’s The focus of the event is on the emergency lighting and firefighting product lines, as well as a center of excellence for key support functions in the UK.”

“We believe that due to the continuing challenges brought about by intensified global competition and continued negative financial results, the main lighting product line is no longer commercially viable, so this proposal is the most appropriate. If this proposal is implemented, it will lead to Some Doncaster factories closed, withdrew from the main lighting market, and moved to new factories in the Doncaster area with smaller teams.” Eaton said, “We regret the impact this proposed reorganization will have on employees and their families. Measures will be taken to ensure that all relevant personnel are given attention and care when taking any action. Our goal is to help affected workers transition to new factories, new positions or new occupations.”

It is reported that the Doncaster factory is one of the oldest factories in the industry, initially producing Crompton brand lamps in 1878.

In 2000, Crompton Lighting was acquired by Cooper Industries. The company merged emergency lighting brands Menvier and JSB into one business unit to form Cooper Lighting and Safety.

In 2012, the US electrical giant Eaton acquired Cooper Industries, including Cooper Lighting. For many years, Cooper has maintained its own name, but at the 2015 New York International Lighting Fair, the company adopted the Eaton lighting brand.

In March 2019, Eaton announced that it plans to spin off its lighting business. Among them, it will spin off its lighting business as an independent company of Cooper Lighting Solutions, and the Crouse-Hinds industrial lighting business unit and life safety business in Europe, the Middle East and Africa The department’s emergency lighting product line will continue to stay in Eaton.

In October 2019, Signify announced the acquisition of Cooper Lighting Solutions from Eaton, acquiring its assets and brands mainly in North America. But Doncaster’s business was not included in the transaction, but kept in Eaton’s hands.

In recent years, the prices and profits of commercial lighting products have been under tremendous pressure due to continued oversupply, competition from Chinese companies, and narrowing the gap in LED lighting products.


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