Guanghan City Fanghu Park Night Scene Lighting Project

Fanghu Park, also known as Fanggong Lake, is located in the southwest corner of Luocheng Town, Guanghan City. It was built during the Tang Dynasty’s relegation to the governor of Hanzhou. The garden has both the small and exquisite characteristics of Suzhou-style gardens and the ancient charm of Bashu gardens, with pavilions, terraces, thick bamboo and wood, lakes and mountains, and pleasant scenery. It is known as the “Pearl of Western Sichuan”.

In order to help the creation of the “Tianfu Tourism County” and further enhance the happiness of the masses, under the background of creating a “beautiful Guanghan”, the night lighting design of Fanghu Park proposes to combine the four aspects of culture, ecology, green and technology. Integration, combining ecological parks and boulevards with people’s green life, creating a humanistic and dreamlike night light environment, and promoting the development of surrounding businesses.

At the same time, on the basis of the protection and rational use of various resources, efforts will be made to improve the night image of the park, enhance the night life quality of Guanghan citizens, and create a safe, comfortable and convenient travel environment. Faced with the ancient city of Luo in the ancient Shu Kingdom for thousands of years, Party A required seven days to complete the design and construction, which is undoubtedly another arduous task for Jindian people. There is no turning back at the start of construction. Jindian people complete the design plan in the shortest time, use their own advantages in the industry to integrate factory resources, organize the construction team, and reverse the construction period. Every second is determined, and we strive to maximize the quality and effect.

At night, at the two entrances (the east gate and the west gate), we use pattern projection to show the natural beauty and create a multi-level rich and delicate space experience.

Walk in and walk in along a winding tree-lined road. On the tree-lined road, we highlight the vegetation lighting beside the road, which not only satisfies the functional lighting, but also fully considers the creation of the environment atmosphere, walking on the tree-lined road at night , The trees next to it are like the stars sprinkled in the sky, which is an indescribable comfort.

Crossing a small bridge, you came to the lotus pond excavated by Mingxiangfangguan in Tang Dynasty. During the day, there are pavilions, terraces and pavilions on the lakeside, and the lake is full of verdant ponds, and pink and daisies are out of water. At night, we use water-patterned floodlights, and add fog forests along the river to decorate the lotus ponds with changes in light color temperature. The thin mist floats in the lotus pond with the change of light. Standing on the bank of the lotus pond quietly listening to the secret words of the lotus flowers, the leaves and flowers are reflected by the scattered lights, and become more charming and charming. Drunk, tourists seem to be in a fairyland.

The night lights of the whole park are prominent, dynamic and static, and colorful, which can attract tourists to stay and watch, becoming the latest and most beautiful online celebrity check-in place in Guanghan. Use night scene lights to highlight the characteristics of the park, inject new vitality into the city to drive economic development, and transform cultural heritage and landscape resources into the unique night scene charm of the city.


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