Austrian Forsthofalm hotel lighting scheme uses energy-efficient LED lighting technology

Forsthofalm is located in the picturesque Alpine foothills at 1,050 meters above sea level. It is the first log-built hotel in Salzburg, Austria. The hotel covers an area of ​​1,200 square meters and adopts the latest LED lighting technology. Compared with traditional lighting products, it can save 38,973 euros in electricity bills and reduce 120038 kg of carbon dioxide annually.

Forsthofalm was built in the 1970s and was originally a small restaurant. The Wiedauer family discovered tourism opportunities here, so they added overnight accommodation facilities to the restaurant. The hotel uses locally harvested logs to expand the original restaurant scale. The hotel was completed and officially opened in 2013.

The Wiedauer family attaches great importance to organic elements and ecological protection, and is committed to integrating the lighting inside and outside the hotel with the surrounding natural environment. In addition to being efficient and energy-saving, the lighting of the Forsthofalm hotel should also highlight the warm texture of the wood texture, creating a comfortable and friendly accommodation atmosphere for guests visiting in winter and summer.

The Wiedauer family adopted LED lighting technology on the original hotel site and the expanded facilities. The owner of the Forsthofalm Hotel said: “The original site and extension of the hotel adopt the principle of passive construction. In other words, during the construction period, we and the architects must examine the ecological footprint of building materials to minimize the impact of the project on the environment. The sustainability of LED technology Development, high-efficiency and energy-saving materials and technology coincide with the hotel concept, so it has become our preferred hotel lighting solution.”
Leopold Rokos said: “The designers and owners of Forsthofalm not only need a set of energy-efficient lighting solutions, but also ensure that they can create a comfortable and pleasant lighting environment for guests at all times. The designers strive to show guests the natural style of log design. It does not produce a sense of man-made. In addition, the lamps must have a small amount of heat dissipation and minimize glare, so that hotel guests can easily have a panoramic view of the 30 mountain peaks.”

In order to create a soft and even wall lighting effect, the hotel has adopted 740 6W LED PAR16 GU10 35° wide-angle reflector lights and 470 11W E27 adjustable LED classic series lights in all public and private areas. The entire lighting system is equipped with lighting control solutions to give full play to the LED lighting technology in the atmosphere setting function and energy-saving benefits. In addition, the solution uses a unique geometric axial LED lamp design, combined with high-efficiency heat conduction technology, accurate light guidance, reducing glass glare, so that guests in the air can still enjoy the best outdoor lighting experience.

The owner of the Forsthofalm Hotel said: “The lighting effect is just right. The lighting effect of the hotel is outstanding, high efficiency and energy saving. In addition to creating a warm and warm atmosphere, it will not affect the guests to enjoy the magnificent panoramic view of the Alps.”

  • Energy consumption calculation basis:
    740 6W LED GU10 (working 12 hours a day, 7 days a week), compared with 35W quartz lamps
    470 11W E27 LED classic series (working 12 hours a day, 7 days a week), compared with 60W quartz lamps


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