Good lighting design can bring a safer and more comfortable living experience

Good lighting design can bring a safer and more comfortable living experience for residents, make the room and residents look more beautiful, and even add sentiment and fun to life. Due to the different situations of each house, before designing, we will have a comprehensive understanding of the house structure, space color, resident structure, age, physical condition, living habits, preferences, etc., and work out the best lighting plan for the occupants . This answer is divided into two parts. The first part is the main layout of home lighting , and the second part lists several lighting solutions for the functional requirements of different rooms for the reference of friends. 

There are three main ways ofhome lighting layout:basic lighting , accent lighting , and decorative lighting .

Basic lighting providing an overall uniform for room lighting , reducing the dark corners of the room. Commonly used lamps are chandeliers, ceiling lamps, and downlights. When choosing to use chandeliers, in addition to single-head chandeliers, there are also two-head and multi-head chandeliers. Combining different spaces to choose appropriate lamps can present a lively and bright atmosphere, and the lamps themselves become part of the space decoration; choose to use ceiling lamps, the diameter of the lamps It is 1/10~1/8 of the diagonal length of the room, and the space of the lamps is more appropriate; pendant lamps, ceiling lamps and surface mounted downlights can be directly installed on the top of the original building, and embedded downlights need to be installed on the ceiling Area.

Accent lighting focusing on certain areas and objects that need to be highlighted, so that the illuminance of these areas is greater than that of other areas, which plays a role of striking or meeting the illuminance of working lighting . Commonly used lamps include embedded spotlights, track spotlights, wall lamps, table lamps, floor lamps, light strips, etc.

Decorative lighting for indoor decoration lighting , enhanced change and layering of space, create some kind of atmosphere. The light emitted by the lamp itself can also play a decorative effect. Common lamps/light sources such as light strips, wall lamps, table lamps, etc.

Lighting design points of different rooms

The living room

Living room are used for family chatting, watching TV, playing games, meeting guests, etc. The lighting plan should be adjustable, and the corresponding atmosphere can be created by changing the lighting combination and lighting brightness. At present, the light sources that can adjust the brightness of the light on the market mainly include ordinary incandescent lamps and dimmable LED bulbs/light strips. With a dimming switch , they can be adjusted to the appropriate brightness at different times.

Case :

Basic lighting (recessed downlight) + accent lighting (table lamp) + decorative lighting (recessed spotlight)

The position and number of downlights can be flexibly set according to the size of the structure. The lights can be integrated in the ceiling together with the fresh air system, central air conditioning system and some equipment of the home audio-visual system to make the space look neat and orderly. Reduce the pressure caused by ceiling lights and ceilings occupying the top space, suitable for rooms within 3 meters in height. The ceiling needs to be hung down by about 10 cm as a downlight installation space. The floor height decreases and the cost increases.

Case :

Basic lighting (recessed downlight) + accent lighting (table lamp, floor lamp) + decorative lighting (ceiling embedded light strip)

The position and number of downlights can be flexibly set, and the ceiling is illuminated by the indirect lighting of the light strip , making the space look more open and bright.

Case :

Track spotlights play the multiple roles of basic lighting , accent lighting and decorative lighting in this space . Choose the number of groups according to the room size.

In addition, low-illuminance indirect lighting is needed near the TV to buffer the contrast between the TV screen and the surrounding environment when watching TV at night, and reduce visual fatigue. For example, put a desk lamp, floor lamp, or install LED light bars behind the TV or under the wall cabinet.


Restaurant lighting is focused on the food on the table full color looks real, let’s face eating soft and natural. It is suitable for choosing chandelier with light source color rendering above 85, warm color light and glare control. The height of the chandelier is 70~80 cm higher than the desktop. Don’t block the sight of the other party. The light hits the face better. Setting low-illumination local lighting around the restaurant can add a relaxed and joyful atmosphere to the room. If you sometimes do some activities that require high illuminance such as calligraphy and handwork at the table, the main light of the restaurant can choose a dimmable light source or add work light lighting .

Case :

Basic lighting (dimmable chandelier)

Choose the number of lamp holders according to the length of the dining table and the shape of the lamps . While providing lighting , the lamps themselves also bring a little life to the room.


Basic lighting (chandelier) + decorative lighting (spotlight)


kitchen lighting , mainly to meet the operating table lighting , cabinets within the article lighting when cleaning the floor and lighting . The lighting for the countertop operation uses a light source with a color rendering of over 85, which can make the color of the food more realistic.

Case :

The basic lighting of the kitchen

The basic lighting of the kitchen is designed to provide uniform brightness for the entire room. There are many options for lighting , such as chandeliers, ceiling lights, or downlights, according to the overall style of the room and personal preferences. When choosing LED spotlights (light bars) for key lighting , you need to consider the specific installation positions of the light wires, connectors, transformers and switches . If the wall is decorated without a reserved switch panel, and you don’t want a small switch on the light line , you can choose the switch mode of hand sweep, touch or induction .


Bathroom is not only a place to be washed and washed every day, it needs a bright lighting environment, but also a place where you can enjoy one’s quiet moments, and the lighting can be soft and warm. It is also necessary to take care of proper lighting that does not affect sleep when going to the toilet at night. Therefore, it is necessary to provide an adjustable lighting combination.

Case :

Basic lighting (recessed downlight) + accent lighting (light strip)

When there is a mirror cabinet in the bathroom, you can install light strips above and below the cabinet to illuminate the surrounding space and reduce facial shadows during makeup. Only turn on the light strip when going to the toilet at night, the light will not affect sleep because it is too bright.


The bedroom is a place for body and mind to rest, creating a warm and tranquil lighting atmosphere. When choosing the lamp and the installation position of the lamp, avoid glare to irritate the eyes. Low illuminance, low color temperature light can play a role in promoting sleep. It is recommended to set up lights on both sides of the bed at night, so as not to make people too awake and to avoid affecting the rest of the family.

Case :

Basic lighting (chandelier, ceiling lamp, downlight) + accent lighting (wall lamp, floor lamp) + decorative lighting (embedded lamp with bedside)

The bedside wall lamp does not occupy the space of the bedside table. With dimmable floor lamps, you can nest in the sofa to read a book and play with a pad.

Case :

Basic lighting (recessed downlight) + accent lighting (bedside chandelier, semi-recessed track spotlight) + decorative lighting (ceiling embedded light strip)

Case :

Basic lighting (downlight) + accent lighting (bedside wall lamp, floor lamp) + decorative lighting (ceiling embedded light strip)

Basic lighting (downlight) + accent lighting (bedside wall lamp, floor lamp) + decorative lighting (ceiling embedded light strip)

The built-in light strip on the top surface is suitable for the setting of the central air-conditioning partial ceiling, buffering the height difference between the ceiling and the original ceiling.

Children’s room

Preschool children have a relatively large range of activities in the room, and may go to any corner to read or play. The basic lighting should provide the room with uniform and sufficient brightness. For children after school age, pay attention to the accent lighting on the desk so that the children can concentrate on completing their homework.

Case :

Basic lighting (downlights, chandeliers or ceiling lights) + accent lighting (track chandeliers) + decorative lighting (track spotlights)

Multiple functional areas   

for desks, storage and display spaces are made on one wall, and it is perfect to match with track chandelier + track spotlight. It meets the needs of accent lighting and decorative lighting , and looks neat and beautiful. The white light with high illuminance is selected as the light source, which helps to inhibit the secretion of melatonin that induces sleep, so that it is not easy to cause sleepiness. Warm-toned light with low illuminance is beneficial to the secretion of melatonin and can play a role in promoting sleep.


desks, bookcases, and reading areas are areas that need accent lighting . Above the desk, you can choose adjustable-angle lamps with directional light to ensure the intensity of the light, and you will not see dazzling light sources. The lighting of the bookcase can be fixed on the top of the cabinet or the spotlight on the ceiling for easy access to the contents in the cabinet. The light source is also suitable to choose high-illuminance white light that is not easy to cause sleepiness.

Case :

Basic lighting (chandelier) + accent lighting (table lamp) + decorative lighting (spotlight)

The wall lamp above the wall cabinet is more flexible when used. It can be used as a wall lamp to illuminate the wall mural, installed above the cabinet to illuminate the items in the cabinet, or as a mirror lamp.


When corridors are narrow, avoid using wall lights with large diameters. Installing the induction warm light footlight can save the trouble of manually controlling the switch at night . If there are decorative paintings in the corridor, set up a light strip or spotlight on the side of the painting to let the light shine down and create the decorative effect of the gallery.

Case :

Basic lighting (ceiling embedded lamp belt, downlight) + accent lighting (footlight)

Storage area

The focus of lighting in the storage area is to clearly see the objects in the storage area. The lamps in the cabinet should be small in size and convenient to switch .

Cabinet exterior lighting case :

Interior lighting of the cabinet case :

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