NestNordic chose the LED lighting design for its first store in China

NestNordic, a premium home furnishing brand from Malaysia, entered the Chinese market in 2017 to create a comfortable home for customers, which is completely their own dream. NestNordic’s first store in China chose LED environmental protection and energy-saving lighting design solutions and LED series products.

NestNordic mainly showcases its high-quality household goods in the form of simulated scenes. According to the nature of the scene, the corresponding lighting environment is designed. Each part of the display area mainly uses guided LED integrated track reflector lights, which cooperate with each other in narrow and wide angles to create excellent light effects.

The wall area in the store adopts the lighting method above the front, and adjusts the angle of the LED reflector according to the arc of the required light. The placement and quantity of lamps depends on the logo on the wall or the condition of the decorations, so as to highlight the presence of decorations and logos. The display racks or display items in the store are on the upper part, and the side-shooting lights are used for accent lighting, so that the outline and texture of the goods are better represented.


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