8 Tips you must know about immersive night tours lighting design


The easiest and most direct way to create night tour products and projects is to use colored light beams. Simple lighting landscaping has long been common, and the diverse and personalized experiential needs of tourists are difficult to meet, which has given birth to a new night The tour form is “immersive night tour”. The immersive night tour combines technology and lighting with sound, 3D landscape architecture projection, loading water screen movies, music fountain lighting show, projection space-time tunnel, interactive experience exhibition items and other technological means, and integrates culture and art, light and shadow design and interactive interpretation. Night tour project activities, create comprehensive audio-visual tourism products, and tell new stories about cultural tourism. This upgraded form of night tour integrates images, lighting, interactive installations, sound, lasers, water and fire, scenery and other performance methods, through the analysis of site planning, crowd positioning, story content or implanting IP images, and planning tours Experience path, control the scene creation between night basic lighting and artistic lighting, and the matching method of interactive experience links to create a night cultural tourism product with a great sense of experience.

At present, immersive night tours have developed various types of night tour products and projects. Wotian Lighting Design has summarized the following expression methods based on its years of experience in lighting design:

1. Cultural travel night tour + 3DMapping projection.

Driven by the core of local characteristic cultural elements, it integrates with the theme creativity, history and humanities of the project, uses images, interactive experience, and the combination of virtual and real art to quickly increase the popularity of the scenic spot, and fully implant the scenic IP to create scenic night Tour the unique charm of light and shadow, promote the prosperous night tour of the scenic spot!

2. Cultural tourism night tour + projection interactive installation.

The project concept integrates technology and art, and uses light, shadow, color, sound and interactive images to create the atmosphere of the scenic spot, allowing visitors to watch more than quietly, invite visitors to participate, experience, and interact, trigger the audience’s perception and imagination, and add depth to the amusement. Tourists feel doubled.

3. Cultural tourism night tour + projection water show.

To create a visual feast of day and night linkage, the water show has various forms, such as water curtain performance, digital water curtain, musical fountain, projection water show special effects, etc. The panoramic music fountain during the day brings visitors an aesthetic experience, and the water curtain, laser, music, etc. are used at night Multimedia art presents electro-optical flow shadows for visitors, bringing immersive water show lighting experience.

4. Night tour of cultural tourism + live performance.

The live performance can quickly deepen the impression of the scenic spot in the hearts of tourists, add points to the image of the scenic spot, help the scenic spot stand out, create a unique and ultimate experience for tourists, break through the single night viewing function, display the charm of the scenic spot in all directions, and deduce a theme show .

5. Cultural travel night tour + story.

In the form of a story that is easier to move people’s hearts, the light show based on the IP story extension has an innate audience base and a fan enthusiasm.

6. Cultural travel night tour + plot design.

The game plot is diversified, and mysterious auxiliary tour props can be set up, such as magic wand, to attract children, couples and other groups to actively purchase derivatives. The magic wand is equipped with functions such as guiding the tour route, interacting with scene effects, and increasing the immersive experience. It can also be set with different appearances and different trigger effects to add more new gameplay to night tours.

7. Cultural tourism night tour + sharing economy.

The sharing mode is moved into the scenic spot. Themed clothing, light-emitting headwear, children’s toys, etc. can be set as a rental mode to enrich tourists’ play experience, leave beautiful memories in the hearts of tourists, create differentiation, and do what other scenic spots have never done before, and bravely eat crab.

8. Cultural tourism night tour + supporting facilities.

In scenic spots and parks, theme hotels, homestays, IP-based restaurants, and bars can also be integrated into the night tour system to create a one-step-one scene, where you can check in everywhere with “net celebrity photo spots”. In addition to themed scenery, you can also set up desktops Holographic projections, light and shadow restaurants, immersive experience exhibitions, light and shadow leisure small bars and other supporting facilities with unique highlights are the icing on the cake for the night tour management system.

Creativity and technology allow “immersive night tours” to enter people’s lives more flexibly, and perfectly integrate with cities, scenic spots, countryside, technology and many other night tours, allowing more citizens and tourists to participate in the unique art of light and shadow. Describing dreamy colors for night life, while enhancing nighttime consumption, it also brings people a beautiful and interesting life experience.


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