How to design a good lighting effect for garden landscape lighting?


In order to meet people’s needs for the garden night landscape, lighting designers began to think about how to integrate the lighting effects of landscape lighting into the garden, and cleverly use its light texture, shape and color, so as to achieve their desired garden night landscape effect. How can we design a good garden landscape lighting effect?

1. Clarify the theme of night lighting in garden parks

“Theme” is the soul of the garden landscape. Before doing any landscape lighting, from the perspective of lighting planning, determine what kind of theme you want to see. There are prominent and hidden, distinctive effects, and the design with clear levels, and then follow the design. Representing parks and gardens. Different themed areas create different scenes through different scene lights.

2. Create a unique night environment for garden parks

As a garden night landscape lighting, lighting design needs to be ornamental and decorative. It needs to decorate the unique style at night without changing the basic image of the garden landscape, such as the use of good light shows and water shows. , Projection shows, etc., combined with hanging lights wrapped around trees, floor lights forming the shape of flowers and plants, etc., can all become the characteristics of a garden.

3. Pay attention to the interaction between night lights and people

Garden night landscape lighting design is not only simple to illuminate. Due to the large flow of people, the lighting design must first ensure safety, and secondly pay attention to the creation of atmosphere, creating an immersive light and shadow experience. Through clever lighting design, viewers have more More interactive experience.

4. Create a harmonious environment between man and nature

By combining with garden architectural sketches, plants, and visitors, the visitors are integrated into the atmosphere of the entire garden, making people love the beauty of light and shadow in the garden landscape, thereby creating a harmonious environment between man and nature.


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