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How to highlight the structure of bridge by lighting design, combining the bridge aesthetics?

The bridge and the urban landscape have an accompanying relationship. The meaning of the bridge must not only meet the transportation requirements, but also reflect the city’s humanistic features and main structure.

Combining the basic principles of bridge aesthetics and landscape lighting to highlight the structural characteristics of the bridge, the bridge can use a combination of points, lines, and surfaces, and a combination of dynamic and static lighting methods to highlight the characteristics of the bridge to express the combination of the overall artistic style of the bridge and the individual structure. In order to achieve an effective artistic effect, it is necessary to design and outline the brightening of guardrails, columns, side walls, and contours.

1. Bridge guardrail lighting

Guardrails are usually places where lighting is needed to show the style of the entire overpass, which is of great significance to the overall display of bridge lighting. There are two ways to use it: one is to draw the outline of the guardrail with a continuous linear luminous body; the other is to install point light sources at intervals to outline the guardrail and give life a sense of movement.

2. Bridge side wall lighting

The side wall of the bridge is an important part of the bridge and the soul of the bridge. The main feature of the bridge deck is the contrast with the upper railing and the lower part of the bridge opening. Therefore, the lighting of the bridge side wall is also an indispensable part of the bridge lighting project.

3. Bridge column lighting

The bridge column is the basic component of the bridge and the main carrier of the environmental landscape at the bottom of the urban overpass. Whether traveling along the auxiliary road on the side of the bridge or passing under the bridge, the pillars of the overpass are an important part of the lighting design of the overpass. Floodlights are generally used when expressing the characteristics of the column at night, which not only shows the majesty and solid protection of Chinese bridges, but also shows its distinctive characteristics.

4. Bridge contour lighting

The outline of the bridge is the most important part of the bridge and the soul of the bridge. The main feature of the bridge slab is in sharp contrast with the upper railing and the lower part of the bridge hole.

Bridge landscape lighting design should reflect the coordination of lighting, natural environment and humanistic environment. While highlighting the key points, it must also take into account the overall situation, improve the space ratio, and increase the spatial level. As part of the urban landscape, the bridge lighting design must be ornamental and decorative.


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