The lighting of Shanghai Bund Financial Center ON/OFF takes the lead in attracting customers’ attention


Located on the BFC of Shanghai Bund Financial Center, ON/OFF is a collection of fashion designer brands. The interior design style of the store is full of futuristic sense. This trendy and individual design has attracted many fashion “trends” one after another. After only a few months of opening, it has become a must-see fashion shop in Shanghai.      The entrance design of the ON/OFF store is extraordinary. The huge silver ball device on the left side of the entrance, the semi-circular silver ball device that can be opened and closed takes the lead in attracting customers’ attention. When the line of sight moves to the store logo, it is in transparent and orange colors. The acrylic logo, due to the rich expressiveness of colors, coupled with the combination of lighting and lighting, brings the visual impact to the fullest.

Shanghai ON/OFF entrance

There is also a small D-shaped window on the left side of the entrance. Although it is used for display, there are actually very few products on display. It is designed as a window in the cave space. The background is brightened by a linear wall washer. Set up some small accessories such as clouds to attract customers and show the nature of the store.

Shanghai ON/OFF entrance

In another angle of the entrance, the D-shaped channel on the left, the lighting design is its most interesting place. A huge curved screen is arranged here, and the screen is “smashed” through design. The “cut” curved screen plays regular, changing, and rhythmic images to give customers passing through this channel broken images.

Shanghai ON/OFF D-channel

 The setting of this channel is not to allow customers to stop here to watch the images, but to allow customers to get a sense of time and space when they shuttle through this channel.      Accompanied by this sense of time and space, when entering the interior of the store, you can see the linear lights all over the ceiling when you look up, which are more like pointing lights that guide customers to the area they want to reach.

Shanghai ON/OFF indoor ceiling linear light

The linear ceiling lights extend to the ground and run through the entire interior space. This is to make a light trough made of stainless steel, and then place the flexible linear light in it.      The ubiquitous linear lights in the space are created in the form of “flying everywhere” in the space. From the cashier to the service counter, from the ceiling to the ground, the flexibility of the linear lights makes the space experience interesting.

On/OFF indoor ceiling linear lights in Shanghai

In the lighting for displaying goods, linear lights are still the protagonist.      In the display area for displaying goods, use the characteristics of linear lights to enhance the depth of field. Use frames or linear lights embedded in the walls to enclose the goods. The light emitted by the linear lights is like the frame of a picture frame. The merchandise frame is displayed inside, highlighting the visual effect, combined with the linear lamp treatment of the ceiling, creating a “light streamer” atmosphere.

Shanghai ON/OFF indoor display lighting

At the same time, traditional track lighting was chosen to abandon, the emergence of spotlight point light source, its light characteristics, the light will be diffused, thus failing to meet the requirements of light uniformity. In this display area designed like a space ship, in order to create a visual key effect, designer used the form of surface luminescence, using a large number of luminous films and frosted glass, plus the method of configuring acrylic to photograph the space. Bright, and increase the sense of future technology.

Shanghai ON/OFF “space capsule” lighting design


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