How to design clothing store lighting?


The lighting in the clothing store plays a very important role in the store, which can improve the display effect of the goods, create the atmosphere of the store, and create a pleasant and comfortable shopping environment. In the entire store, the lighting design has the finishing touch effect. It is like a palette, which can produce a variety of different tones and formulate different tastes. Therefore, clever lighting design can increase the value of goods and strengthen The customer’s purchase intention makes the visual marketing reach the best state.

1. Lighting of clothing display area

The clothing display area can use a variety of art designs to display the perfect side of the clothing worn by the models in the shop. Brighter light is easier to show the visibility of the displayed goods.

In addition, whether day or night, the light at the door must be made up and bright enough. First of all, the environment must be brightened, and the different lighting design will not only make the clothes more attractive, but also achieve different effects, satisfying the appreciation of more people.

2. Wall illumination

The illumination of the wall should be increased, while the other parts should be reduced, so that the background color of the wall is prominent, which can fully express the personality and characteristics of the product; the lighting design should be fully considered. Strong lighting is easy to make the eyes tired, and should be avoided as much as possible Use; lighting intensity reflects the taste of the store, that is, the more advanced the mall, the softer the light; high-intensity lighting is not equal to effective lighting, therefore, it must be designed according to the visual needs of the product display.

3. Lighting of the hanger display area

The hanger display area helps customers easily find their favorite styles of clothing, and calmly try on and feel the texture of the clothes. Pay attention to the decoration, the lighting in this area should be concentrated on the product, using natural tones to match the color of the clothing, and the lighting should have good color rendering. It is more effective to use embedded or suspended straight fluorescent lamps in the vicinity of the hanger.

4. Fitting room lighting

The lighting setting of the fitting area is often overlooked. Because there is no absolute dividing line in the fitting area, the lights of the fitting area are usually included in the basic lighting of the store. Therefore, we often see that the front light of the mirror in the fitting area is often not bright enough, which affects the customer’s buying mood.

It is very important to pay attention to the design of the fitting area. The lighting in the fitting area has the following requirements: the color reproduction should be good, because the customer is here to watch the color effect of the clothing; in order to make the customer’s skin color more beautiful, the color temperature can be appropriately adopted The low light source makes the color a little reddish; the lighting in the fitting room without fitting mirrors can be lower, which makes it more warm; the light in front of the fitting mirror should avoid glare.


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