Several pedestrian bridge lighting design skills that designers must master


Urban pedestrian bridges are generally located in relatively lively neighborhoods. They mainly solve the problem of diversion of people and vehicles, alleviate traffic congestion, facilitate people to travel, improve city quality, and improve the quality of urban pedestrian space. The lighting design of the pedestrian bridge not only meets the basic functional requirements such as people’s safe travel and fast passage, but also reflects the shape beauty of the bridge body, the bridge body and the external landscape based on the natural and historical characteristics of the overall city and people’s visual appreciation and beauty. The beauty of harmony and the beauty of humanity contained in the bridge itself. The flyover is generally composed of the flyover main body, flyover stairs, and flyover railings. Different parts have different lighting techniques.

Bridge body

The main body of the bridge is the most important part of the bridge and the soul of the bridge, so it must be expressed with lights. The biggest feature of the bridge slab is that it forms a sharp contrast with the railings above and the bridge hole below. The lighting performance of this contrast between virtual and real is the positioning of the side lighting effects of the bridge slab and the lighting design of the entire bridge body facade. aims.

Bridge guardrail

Guardrails are usually places that require lighting to show the style of the entire bridge, which is of great significance to the overall display of the bridge. There are two ways to use: one is to use continuous line-shaped luminous bodies to outline the outline of the guardrail; the other method is to install a point light source at intervals, which can not only outline the outline of the guardrail, but also Gives a sense of liveliness.

When a point-shaped light source is used for guardrail decoration, the light source used is generally an LED light source. There are many kinds of light sources, such as optical fiber, cold cathode tube, fluorescent tube or LED light source. These kinds of light sources are used in actual projects.

When choosing a linear luminous body to decorate the guardrail on the bridge, it can also have many forms of expression. For example, you can use a single color (red or yellow, etc.), you can also use alternate colors (such as red and yellow), or through the computer controller to achieve fixed flashing, random flashing, gradual alternate flashing, chasing and other flow color changes The form of the bridge makes the entire bridge area full of movement.

Flyover stairs

The landscape below the stepped flyover is also a part that needs better lighting. A white monochromatic guardrail tube is used on the steps to isolate it from the surrounding environment, and a strong lighting effect corresponding to the surrounding environment is used in the middle part.


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