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3W Inground Light RGB/ Single color

Item No.: UL-P-1003
Product Origin: China
CCT: 2700K3000K4000K6000K,RGYB
Shipping Port: Guangzhou
Lead Time: 7-15 days

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  1. Product Size

  1. Technical Specification
1 LED Type and Quantity 1*3W CREE XPE
2 LED quantity in series connection*in-parallel connection 1*1
3 LED BIN VF=(3.0~3.2)V
4 CCT & CRI 2700K3000K4000K6000K,RGYB,


5 SDCM < 6 steps
6 Current for all LED 0.125A(DC24V)
7 Current for each pc LED 0.7A
1 Rated Input Voltage & Frequency DC24V/DC12V
2 System Power 3W±10%
3 Control/Dimming ONOFF PWM
1 System Lumen Package(typical) 110 lm
2 System Efficacy(typical)lm/w 35 LM/W
3 Beam Angle 8°,10°,17°,23°,28°,43°,58°
Mechanical & packaging for front cover
1 Luminaire Size (L*W*H) 40×77(mm) Diameter x Height
2 Weight per piece 0.23kgs
3 Packaging quantity 40
4 Packaging size 44*24*32CM
5 Gross weight KG) 12.5kg
Material & Finishing
1 Luminaire Body material & color SS316 trim, Aluminium housing CNC machined
2 Material for Lens or Reflector PMMA
3 in conformity with Rohs or not? Yes
4 External cable size and length 1PC rubber cable of neoprene material, H05RN-F 2×1.0mm2, the length is 1 meter
5 Mounting Sleeve/ Spike/ Others Passivated (Anodizing) Aluminum CNC machined.Dark grey
1 Surface/Recessed/Suspended/… Surface installation
1 Approbation CE
2 IP IP67
3 IK IK06
4 Lum Classification III
5 Working temp   -25℃~50℃
6 Life time in hours 50000h
7 Warranty years 3
  1. Light Distribution Curve

  1. Illuminance Distance Curve


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