Museum lighting case-Red Dot Design Museum, Xiamen, China

Located on the first floor of the third Red Dot Design Museum in the world, the “Road to Success” exhibition area is nearly 2,000 square meters, displaying more than 600 red dot award-winning works from more than 400 brand companies around the world, including Ferrari, Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Doctors, Hilti, Lenovo, Apple, Sony, Montblanc, Philips, Lego, etc. This is the first domestic exhibition of Red Dot Design Award winning works on such a large scale, and it is also the first time that the Red Dot Award winning works have been exhibited.

This time, the Red Dot Design Museum also chose a variety of lighting methods to integrate lighting. Multiple series of products are used in various areas of the museum (track reflector, recessed reflector, small spotlight, ceiling downlight, T5, grille lamp, flat panel lamp, indoor spotlight, light strip…) Each is independent and echoes each other. Accent lighting highlights the exhibits, and wide-angle and non-angle lights are used as ambient lighting to illuminate the museum area while also playing a transitional role in light.

The exhibition hall is divided into five areas: design overview, design is business strategy, product development and design, product communication and design, corporate management and design, starting from “what is design”, explaining in simple terms, and guiding product design, product quality and design step by step , Thinking of corporate management and design, and at the same time under the light, through classic cases of design as a business strategy, let visitors more intuitively understand how companies are going to “success” through design.


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