Lighting design of the subway cultural wall


Murals, reliefs, graffiti, ancient paintings, works of art… We can see more and more historical and cultural elements being injected into the subway, allowing citizens to slow down in this flowing space, face to face with culture and art, and perceive this The cultural temperament of the city.

Indeed, the future development of urban rail transit lighting not only needs to meet the basic functional lighting needs, but also needs to meet the public’s aesthetic and regional cultural characteristics. How to use lighting design to create a unique IP image, so that each subway station has its own elements, and derive more artistic and commercial value, is extremely challenging and test for lighting designers.

First, the lighting of the subway cultural wall and the aisle should be different in order to attract the attention of passengers and provide guiding lighting for the visiting route.

Second, providing effective lighting for the subway cultural wall is the key to the expression of exhibits. Due to the close visual distance between the cultural wall and passengers, if the lighting effects are rough, such as glare and dark areas, it will not highlight the charm of the exhibits and will also affect the transmission of urban culture.

Third, due to the different materials and attributes of the exhibits, different illuminance, colors and lighting methods are given. The cultural wall exhibits are diversified, and the lighting design should be different accordingly.

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