How to design the restaurant lighting to make it look more tasteful and high-grade


With the increasingly developed catering industry today, lighting not only plays the functional role of lighting, it has virtually become an important criterion for consumers to judge the grade and style of this restaurant. For restaurants, a reasonable configuration of the lighting system can make the entire decoration design look more tasteful and high-grade, and fully mobilize people’s aesthetic psychology, which has a subtle influence on taste and psychology, and finally achieves the harmony between the beauty of food and the beauty of the environment Unite.

Restaurant lighting is not just a few lights that can be perfunctory. We have to consider the size of the dining space, the height of the lamps, and the brightness of the light and the color rendering of the light. So how do we design the restaurant lighting?

1. At the entrance

The entrance of the restaurant should be recognizable, it is an important sign to attract customers, and directly determines the customer’s first impression of the restaurant. Therefore, the lighting design at the entrance of the restaurant is particularly important. Designers should pay attention to clearly distinguish it from the surrounding environment when designing, and pay attention to the distinction between illuminance and color temperature.

2. Dining space

The lighting can make the dishes look beautiful and delicious, and the small-angle light speed lighting can achieve the effect of the built-in filter, which enhances the degree of color restoration. But it should be noted that the strong contrast of light and dark will bring visual fatigue. We can solve this problem by increasing the angle of the light source, using light strips, and increasing the basic illuminance.

3. Card seat or box

The deck and box are private. Press the light source down to narrow the distance between the lamp and the table, or cover the back of the lamp to highlight this feature. The black color above the space and the light around the desk form a sharper contrast, creating a private space between the decks.

4. Window seat

Window seats are top-notch window advertising spaces. For this space, the focus of pursuit is no longer brightness, but beauty and transparency. You can use track lights to illuminate a row of tables by the window to make the space softer and warmer. You can also dim the seats next to the glass curtain wall to create an artistic silhouette from a distance. Let potential customers outside the restaurant naturally move their eyes to the brighter illuminance room to stimulate their desire to eat.

5. Toilets

The lighting design of the toilet must follow the safety illuminance of the national standard. The wash basin must be transparent and bright. It is recommended to install a mirror front light so that the customer can be illuminated brighter in front of the wash table to facilitate their grooming.

In addition to the above positions, the restaurant lighting design should pay attention to the following issues:

1. Overall harmony

The lighting of the restaurant requires soft tones and sufficient brightness. This not only allows people to see the food clearly, but also matches the surrounding tables, chairs, soft outfits, and tableware, forming a visual aesthetic.

2. Place the chandelier in a good position

In restaurants, chandelier is often the focus of light. Generally installed directly above the dining table, it can enhance the beauty of the entire dining space. Recessed or track lights can provide general lighting while also emphasizing the illuminated object. The best position is to sit down without glare, the lighting is soft and natural, and you can also choose a height-adjustable chandelier according to personal requirements.

3. The main and secondary lights must be orderly

The indirect light source of the restaurant is generally a concealed lighting fixture on the ceiling, and the brightness ratio of the main lamp is 1:3. The main lamp is used to illuminate the space, so that the sense of space is stronger. The light and shadow should be arranged in an orderly manner under the premise of highlighting the main light source. The second is the direct light source in the restaurant, which mainly shines directly on the wall culture of the restaurant, green plants, to achieve a special effect of contrasting objects.

4. Noise problem

Except for the special design, the restaurant should not mix various light sources with different heating and cooling when designing the lighting, which will make the space very messy.

5. Glare problem

Under the condition of ensuring the illuminance, it is necessary to rely on the lamps to control the glare (dazzling glare). Generally, the lamps hidden in the lamps have the buffer of the shading angle, so the light will not be so dazzling. However, its illumination angle may be affected. A high-quality lamp can not only ensure the CRI, but also has a low glare value. Therefore, when choosing lamps and lanterns, one should not only emphasize price but not quality.

The lighting design contains university questions, and a little carelessness will backfire, giving people a messy and uncomfortable feeling. Therefore, to design high-quality restaurant lighting, the above minefields must not be stepped on.


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