How to create a successful night lighting tour visual feast and enhance the experience?


In the current era of “night travel economy”, as long as the scenic spot has the word “night travel”, it seems that the traffic is guaranteed. If it is promoted and publicized through the Internet, it can detonate the public’s enthusiasm for tourism consumption.

With the leap in consumption, the “night travel wind” has already blown into the tourist circle, causing many tourist attractions, characteristic towns, theme parks and so on. The emergence of “Scenic Night Tour” is an inevitable trend of the rapid development of technology and the Internet. Behind the “Scenic Night Tour” is the rise of the unique needs of a new generation of travel enthusiasts.

Night tour is a “play” project, and its planning and design is a serious and rigorous systematic project. It requires precise coordination from space to time, and provides exquisite and different night tour products to tourists, so that the entire tour process becomes as lively and interesting as in the script. As the saying goes, no experience, no night travel. A good sense of experience is the central idea behind the establishment of the night tour project.

1. “Drama Emotions” Night Tour Line Design

The tour line design is developed around the layout of night tour products. It has a trick in its design, which the industry calls “travel electrocardiogram”. That is to say, during the traveling process of tourists, an excitement point and soothing zone are provided at regular intervals, so that tourists are always immersed in the ups and downs of the plot.

The planning and design of the night tour includes the planning and design of the theme creativity and the experience form. Only the theme creativity is novel enough, the experience form is novel enough, the storyline is fascinating, and the content is straightforward can the experiencer get a better sense of experience and value. Excellent creative plan is the basis for the success of a night tour project.

2. Basic lighting layout with vitality

Basic lighting is to provide functional lighting and environmental beautification for roads, gardens, buildings, landscapes, etc. in the scenic area. Its function is equivalent to painting night makeup on the night scenic spot, making the whole night environment full of vitality.

Light is the best aphrodisiac at night. The lighting arrangement of the theme scenic area brings people different emotional feelings according to the theme, or dreamy, shocking, or romantic visual perception experience. The lighting art has developed into an independent art genre, this art form with artificial light source as the main medium It can bring visitors a pleasant visual enjoyment and artistic experience.

3. The creation of core landscape highlights IP

The interpretation of light and shadow is the organic combination of sound, light, electricity, water, fog and fire to form a dazzling, dreamy and fashionable environment space. It can also be integrated into the local culture of the scenic spot, using light and shadow means to narrate a piece of history, a story, show a scene of beauty, inspire the audience’s tears, laughs, and interactions, and get a life experience.

A story and plot experience can always be more deeply rooted and unforgettable than a simple form of viewing. The light show based on the extension of the IP story undoubtedly has an innate audience base and a fan enthusiasm.

4. The construction of supporting services needs to be integrated

There are six elements of night travel, namely night scene, night show, night banquet, night shopping, night entertainment, and overnight stay. While enjoying the beautiful scenery, tourists cannot do without the blessing of food. When leaving, you will bring a souvenir to keep your memory. Food, souvenirs and accommodations should focus on local characteristics. The layout should be completely integrated with the scenic spots, reflecting the humanization of “dive into the night with the wind, moisten things silently”. It is there when tourists need it, and it won’t overwhelm the guests when they don’t need it.

In scenic spots and parks, theme hotels, homestays, IP-based restaurants, and bars can be integrated into the night tour system to create a one-step scene, a “net celebrity photo spot” where you can check in everywhere. In addition to themed landscape, you can also set up a desktop hologram Projection, light and shadow restaurant, immersive experience exhibition, light and shadow leisure bar, theme clothing street, night market, etc. are equipped with unique highlights and supporting facilities, which complement the night tour management system.


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