How to design the bedroom lighting for interior lighting?


The bedroom is a place for people to rest and rest. The decoration of the bedroom generally chooses to create a warm and comfortable style, so that you can feel a comfortable living environment when you are resting. In addition to the choice of furniture and bedding, the design and choice of bedroom lighting will enhance the overall space effect.

The lighting in the bedroom should be conducive to forming a quiet and gentle atmosphere, giving people a sense of security. The main lighting of the bedroom can be a creamy white ceiling lamp or a chandelier, which is installed in the center of the bedroom, and a wall lamp is installed on the wall about 1.8m from the bedside to the ground. If a wall lamp is not installed, the bedside counter lamp can also be used. It is recommended to use energy-saving light source, the metal part of the lamp should not have too strong reflection, and the light need not be too strong to create a peaceful atmosphere.

Harmony in bedroom lighting

Generally speaking, a simple bedroom is used as a place for people to sleep and rest. Therefore, quiet, leisurely, avoiding dazzling light and chaotic dazzling lighting should be the main theme of bedroom lighting decoration. The decorative art of bedroom lamps has its general principles. In summary, there are the following three aspects:


The first is to fully mobilize the expression methods of color, shape, light and shade to achieve the effect of the principle of visual relationship, giving people a sense of interest and comfort; the second is the reasonable combination of various expression methods to reflect the occupants to the maximum. Cultural quality.


A bedroom lamp decoration without a sense of rhythm is a dull arrangement.

The key point is in the bedroom lighting layout, the principle of highlighting the main function of bedroom rest: Except for the bedroom, there should be as few other things as possible. From the aesthetic point of view, the light and shade should be used to highlight the main body that needs to be expressed most.

Built-in lighting is convenient and practical

Nowadays, the layout method of “interior lighting” has entered the home decoration, because this kind of “interior lighting” can be described as many benefits.

Energy saving:

Sometimes in a local activity or looking for something in the cabinet, it is not necessary to turn on the headlights and only turn on the “internal lighting”. Someone estimates that it can save more than 20% of electricity.

Convenience to work:

Because the local lighting formed by “built-in lighting” is both scattered and independent, it can be turned on when needed and turned off at any time.

Simplify lamps:

Hidden bulbs and tubes in the furniture or part of the furniture can save some supporting devices other than the light source and save the initial investment of lighting fixtures.

High lighting efficiency:

Move the light to the position closest to the working surface, and use low-power bulbs and tubes to achieve better lighting effects.

Save space:

Some cabinets or other furniture are installed with “internal lighting”. In terms of large space, it can save space and make the room more spacious.

Facilitate indoor change and layout:

When the indoor layout changes position, as long as the furniture is moved, the “internal lighting” will also move, without changing the power line in the ceiling.

Add luster to furniture:

The introduction of light inside the furniture can make the furniture exude charming brilliance, especially the glass furniture is more obvious, and it also enriches the overall indoor light color environment effect.

“Interior lighting” is rapidly forming a new trend of decoration. Its installation method is relatively simple, as long as the indoor anchor power pull seat pulls the power cord, pulls it into the furniture, and installs the switch.


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