How to design the lighting of the city square?


The lighting project of the city square must first ensure the lighting demand of the square. In some leisure squares, too strong lighting brightness is not required. It is possible to design and install courtyard lights suitable for square characteristics to ensure good lighting and create a relaxing environment. In squares with larger lawn areas, lower lawn lights should be installed to ensure a wide view and a harmonious environment.

The lighting project of the city square should enhance the charm of viewing, reflect the characteristics of the times, and reflect the economic vitality and commercial atmosphere of the city. Further improve the overall quality of the lighting environment. Scientifically and reasonably integrates the decorative functions of lamps and the basic functions of lighting. Pay attention to the relationship between the whole and the parts, and use various lights according to the functional requirements to create a three-dimensional lighting environment.

With the improvement of living standards and the acceleration of the pace of life, people pay more and more attention to the fun and humanization of urban public spaces. The urban square lighting project should consider the scale of the square, so that the lighting can improve the atmosphere of the square and provide a comfortable and convenient place for citizens’ night activities.

The city square lighting project should be constructed according to the nature, scale and main functions of the square, so as to better play the role of the square. The buildings around the city square are usually important buildings and are the main symbols of the city. Lighting should be used to supplement the group of buildings as a way of space connection, making the city square environment at night more colorful and full of life.


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