Tips for facade lighting design

Those who uses light to design urban space at night take responsibility. On the one hand, illuminated landmarks can make strong statement-for example, the dramatic emphasis on peace monuments, or the discreet floodlighting of an old flak bunker. On the other hand, outdoor lighting must provide safe and convenient directions without interfering with the light pollution of the environment.
Economically and ecologically, lighting in public places must be efficient. This requires precise light guidance. Good glare control of the LED light of LAMPVIEWS luminaires without spill light ensures that the light is emitted efficiently to shine exactly where it is needed, thus making the obstacles on the ground visible while leaving the starry sky dark.

Illuminated surfaces in the outdoor area define spatial proportions and reveal boundaries.The lighting design of the facade takes into account that our visual perception is dominated by the vertical plane, which makes us feel that the vertical plane is brighter than the horizontal plane and thus has greater relevance.Lighting emphasizes large surface structures and emphasizes architectural elements such as columns or cornice.Grazing light wallwashing is ideal to bring out even the finest details and patterns, such as the textures of wood, slate or natural stone façades, to produce a relief-like effect.In order to avoid light fog, lamps must provide good glare control without emitting overflow light.


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