Stainless Steel SS316 trim LED Wall Light and Inground Light

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Item No.(UL-P-1014-0100-A-F-1)


Light Source1W CREE XPE LED chip, can do 2W
Input Voltage12VDC to 24VDC
Color temperatureCool white 6000K,Warm white 3000K
Beam angle120°
Lumens40lm to 45lm
  1. Specifications

1) Mini Underground Light, also can be used as wall light.

2) Housing: Passivated 6063 aluminum.

3) Front cover: Stainless steel 316L

4) Load capacity: Nylon, 320kgs

5) Power cable: Rubber cable of neoprene material, H05RN-F 2×0.5mm2 L=1m

6) Cable gland: PG5 cooper with nickel coated

7) Driver: Constant current output

8) Operating temperature: -20 to +60 ℃

9) IP Rating: IP67

10) Warranty: 3 years

  1. Lighting Distribution Curve:

  1. Illuminance Distance Curve:

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