Pool Safety for Kids

On a hot summer day, the cool swimming pool is a good choice for family entertainment.

The swimming pool in the family is a great place to relax and have fun, especially for young children, and it is also a place that can easily cause trouble.

But according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one of the main causes of injury deaths among children aged 1 to 4 in the United States is drowning. Also, an average of 10 people die every day from drowning, two of whom are children aged 14 and under.


When children enter the pool, they don’t have the clarity of water as clearly as adults. A protective door is placed next to the pool to prevent children from entering the pool without being left unattended. However, if you set up a pool security alert, it is another way to protect it. In addition, if there is no pool light installed in the pool, it will increase the risk of children swimming at night.

No matter which pool light you choose, at least investing in the pool light itself makes a lot of sense. For the safety of the children in the pool, the safety and peace of mind brought by the pool lights is invaluable!


Installing a mesh fence around the pool is another protective measure to protect the children. Temporary fences are not only rugged but also lightweight. The fence can be installed a few feet from the edge of the pool, and the skilled installer can do the job well. The main way is to drill holes in the concrete and place the fence. There is a relatively new method that does not require drilling and uses a water-filled base to hold the fence in place. These mesh fences can be purchased at department stores or pool supplies stores.

A safer approach is to use traditional fences. Traditional fences prevent neighbors’ children from entering the pool and cause accidents. Different local governments have specified parameters such as the style and height of the fence. In general, the materials of these fences range from wood to metal. Traditional fences are more durable but more expensive than grid fences. If you have a strong ability to do it, you should be able to install such a traditional fence yourself, of course, except for the glass fence.

Danger of swimming pool covers and drains

For many people, the swimming pool cover is not dangerous, but in fact, many children are stuck under the swimming pool cover and drowned. For your safety, please completely remove the swimming pool cover.


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