Light influences our lives. Right light can be a relaxing and regenerative.And, good light means safety, in the public areas. But what light is really good light?

As provider of luminaires and lighting solutions, we would like to share you something exciting about lighting design, lighting technology, electrical engineering and light control, and particularly, our enthusiasm for light.

Before talk about lighting, there are fundamental terms which are generally comprehensible, and an overview of light types. These tools are useful and help to illustrate a implementation for outdoors and indoors situations.

A suitable lighting control makes you feel better, more safety ,and energy efficient.From planning for a meeting room to the whole building, lampviews control solutions cover a wide range of requirements and situations.

Lampviews considers the lighting and illumination from both biological and physical points.And we define the quality characteristics of the good light with calculation of lighting design, values for degrees of illuminance, electrical engineering and  and illumination standards.

->  Types of light, illumination and luminaires

->  The effect of varying illumination

->  Degree of illuminance, reflection and luminance

->  Outdoor and Indoors lighting

->  Quality characteristics of illumination

->  The physical nature and biological significance of light

->  Technical parameters, variables and formulae

->  Electrical safety, protection classes, safety classes

->  Reference values for illumination and Definitions