How to efficiently illuminating art?

Spotlights, wallwashers and floodlights are efficient lighting tools when people need to present art effectively. The quality of lighting technology is important to guarantee the precise distribution of light to provide qualitative art experience, and what is more, with long-term cost-efficiency. Comparing the efficiency of luminaires, there are several key figures to be evaluated, for example, Projection and Reflection.

1>Projection: light control via lenses
Very narrow light beams for striking accents can be implemented by using lens system.Lens systems feature high precision and efficiency because all light rays are guided through the lens system.

2>Reflection: light control via reflectors
Very narrow light beams are not possible by using reflectors system.What is more, unfocused and sometimes coloured edges to the light beams may also occur.Only the light rays emitted to the side are controlled.The result is requiring more luminaires to achieve comparable horizontal and vertical uniformity.

In this respect, optical systems utilising the principle of projection via lenses benefit from qualitative and quantitative advantages compared to conventional reflector solutions.


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