6 Points in Select & Install Pool Lights

Before discussion, we assumes that the wall panels are already installed and the footer has been poured, and the pool has not been filled or just been filled to slightly below the light level.

Point 1. Waterproof and Safety voltage

First pay attention to the waterproof degree of the pool lights. It is necessary to achieve the waterproof rating of IP68 before it can be installed in water.
The first digit after IP is the rating the IEC assigned a unit for its resistance to solids,and the second digit is the rating for water resistance.

Secondly, the power supply of the luminaire must be below the safety voltage of DC24V, so that it will not cause harm to the human body.

Point 2. Anti-corrosion and Water Pressure

Since it is installed under the water, the outer casing material of the underwater light should have anti-corrosion function. It is generally recommended to use 304 stainless steel or higher grade 316 stainless steel. At the same time, the pool lights need to bear the corresponding water pressure at the bottom of the water. Generally, tempered glass with a thickness of 8 mm or more is used as a protective cover for the pool lights.

Point 3. Brightness

Consider the power of the pool lights, reasonably distribute the illuminating range and quantity of the luminaire.
If there are conditions, you can use the lighting design software to simulate. If there is no condition, you can roughly evaluate the brightness of the luminaire.

Point 4. Drill and Cut holes

Pool lights usually have two kinds of surface mounted and embedded.

a. Surface mounted

Surface-mounted pool light mounting bracket need to drill holes, typically 2-3 screw holes.


b. Embedded

The embedded pool light is usually equipped with a pre-embedded installation bucket. It is necessary to cut a hole on the wall or the ground according to the diameter of the embedded bucket. After the pre-buried bucket is installed, the fixture is fixed on the pre-embedded bucket.


Point 5. Power supply

Since the pool light adopts a safe voltage, it is necessary to consider whether the low-voltage and high-current power supply will affect the voltage drop of the line. It is necessary to calculate the voltage drop at the end of each line and the wire diameter of the cable to ensure the normal supply voltage of the lamp. A transformer utilization rate of 75% is suitable, for example, a 100W transformer drives a lamp that does not exceed 75W.
In order to avoid electric shock accidents, please arrange the power supply isolation transformer and leakage switch of the underwater light in a safe place, and try to avoid contact with non-professionals.

Point 6. Cable Length

Whether it is a surface mounted pool light or an embedded pool light, a cable length of at least 1 meter should be reserved. This is convenient for wiring work and waterproof treatment on the water surface. Generally, a waterproof junction box should be used. Fill the sealant.
Installing pool lights is not too difficult, especially if you’ve checked the 6 points above. I you have other questions, send us emails [email protected]


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